Papablic 4-in-1 UV Light Sanitizer

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  • The Papablic UVC Sterilizer uses two Phillips UVC light bulbs with built-in stainless steel interior for 360-degree disinfection, allowing for 99% sterilization of items like baby feeding gear, toys, keys, phones, and accessories in just 11 minutes.
  • With a spacious 10L interior, this UV sterilizer and dryer can hold up to 11 baby bottles and is water and chemical-free, making it a convenient and safe option for sterilization with a lifespan of 6000 hours.
  • The 4-in-1 design includes an intuitive touch screen with easy-to-read timer and 4 different options for auto sanitizing and drying, sanitizing only, drying only, and 72 hours of sterile storage for multiple items to meet your cleaning needs.
  • Papablic prioritizes safety with a built-in feature that protects against harmful UV exposure, an auto-off timer, and a child safety lock preventing the UV lights from turning on when the lid is open.
  • With FCC approval and being BPA and lead-free, the sterilizer measures 10.6 x 10.6 x 10.6 inches and has an EPA EST Number 98042-CHN-1.
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UV sterilizer


99% Sterilization

The UV sterilizer utilizes two Phillips UVC light bulbs that emit ultraviolet light with two peaks in the UV-C band at 253.7 nm and 185 nm to ensure 360° disinfection of items. The stainless steel interior of the sterilizer is highly reflective, thus enhancing the efficiency of the cleaning process.

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UVC Light Bulbs

There are two options for high-quality and replaceable UV-C bulbs with sterilizing wavelengths of 253.7nm and a lifespan of 6000 hours: a 9-watt germicidal UV bulb in compact fluorescent form factor or a commercial germicidal lamp made with a shortwave UV lamp tube composed of fused quartz or vycor.

baby strerilizer and dry

Sterilize Virtually Anything

This particular UV sterilizer is capable of sterilizing all necessary items such as baby feeding gear, kids’ toys, keys, and phones within a quick 11-minute cycle, without causing any damage to the items being sterilized.

baby strerilizer and dry

Water & Chemical Free

UV sterilizers utilize UVC lamps and do not require cleaning or descaling, making them a convenient and low-maintenance alternative to steam sterilization.

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Large Capacity

Based on the research, it can be inferred that the 10L UV sterilizer and dryer most likely uses a germicidal lamp with a 9 watt CF bulb that emits UV radiation at 253.7 nm, and it can efficiently disinfect a large number of items, such as 12 baby bottles, due to its spacious interior.

What Can l Sterilize?

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Dimensions13.7 × 13.5 cm
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‎14.9 x 13.7 x 13.5 inches

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‎8.73 pounds

10 reviews for Papablic 4-in-1 UV Light Sanitizer

  1. Begs

    Great for CPAP!Great product! I use this to sterilize my mask and hose. I put them in when I get up in the morning so I have a sterilized unit when I’m ready for bed. Also use the drying feature when I’m done washing my mask and hose.

  2. Christopher Turner

    AwesomeGreat product for sterilizing my Cpap mask and hose! Very quick!

  3. Diane Scott

    light weightSeems to work good.

  4. das

    Quick and easy to use.Works great for cleaming my CPAP machine parts.

  5. shannon matthews

    Love itI have no problems with mines I use it and when I finish I unplug it and it works great.

  6. Pegah Esmaili

    game changer!I absolutely love this. Sanitation and sterilization is important when it comes to baby items! I love how convenient this is. The design, the look, the features – peace of mind!

  7. Alicia Huntley CNM MSN

    too easy to accidentally turn onI kept accidentally starting a cycle when I was just trying to open it

  8. Diana Orellana

    Verry wellIt is verry well specially to rush time. Safe for the formula of the babies.

  9. Dools

    Quick and easy sanitizer for Cpap maskThe unit is easy to use and we like it. What I did NOT like was the fact that the unit should include a small basket which was not included in our product. Since we needed to use it, I asked if the missing basket could be sent to us and was told that’s not possible. They did reduce the price a bit, but I would have preferred they sent the basket since it was the owner’s issue of sending an incomplete package, not mine. I just wanted what I ordered.

  10. Monica

    Too big for travelingThe sterilization box came as it said and it appears to work fine . I bought it for my CPap supplies & the stuff fits in there just fine with plenty of room .

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