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  • The Babily Sanitizer Box can sterilize and dry baby bottles in just 20 minutes using triple-effect technology and an automated process.
  • Its hexagonal structure efficiently delivers UVC and Infra-Red rays to target objects, while one-touch operation and audio messages make it simple to use.
  • The box is proven to remove 99.9% of bacteria through 3rd party lab testing and is FCC, CE certified and FDA, EPA registered.
  • It has a durable body with built-in air ventilation to freshen the air inside and a spacious room of 1060 cubic inches with 2 removable trays.
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Aian is an electronic sterilizer that has been designed and developed for effectively removing viruses and bacteria that may remain in baby bottles and other daily-use products. It employs a combination of ultraviolet (UV) and far infrared lights to remove harmful microorganisms living in thousands of daily products. Aian uses a patented Hexagonal Mirroring Structure for the effective delivery of UV light as well as infrared heat to the objects, shortening the time for disinfection and drying. This sterilizer removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, ensuring the safety of your family. The one-touch power button operation with built-in audio messages for starting and ending makes Aian easy to use. It has a spacious room with a capacity of 1060 cubic inches to accommodate a large item or multiple items at a time for sterilization of baby bottles. Aian ensures air purification through the back of the unit, ensuring that clean air is supplied into the unit. You can choose from four color variants: Chrome, Green, Pink, or Orange.

Mom Loves Aian for its fast and simple operation

The Babily Sanitizer Box is an effective and efficient solution for sanitizing large and bulky items, including baby bottles and daily-use products. The device uses a combination of UV-C light bar and Far InfraRed rays with a patented hexagonal mirroring system to provide triple-effect technology. This technology can eliminate 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in just 11, 16, or 21 minutes. The Babily Sanitizer Box also features a drying function that operates at 120 degrees, which speeds up the sanitization process, making it more convenient for busy families. The reflective metal interior and medical-grade UV bulb ensure that the device is reliable and effective. Furthermore, the device has safety features, such as automatic shut-off when the lid opens, ensuring that it is safe for use by the whole family.

One touch operation with automated audio messaging

With its one-touch operation and automated audio messaging at the beginning and end, Aian is user-friendly and easy to operate.

Aian is durable and has a spacious room, optimized for sterilizing & drying of baby bottles and other daily goods.

Aian is both spacious, offering 1060 cubic inches of storage, and durable enough for daily use. It is optimized for sterilizing and drying baby bottles and other daily-use products.

Aian is durable and has a spacious room, optimized for sterilizing & drying baby bottles and other daily goods. It has built-in air ventilation to freshen the air inside the unit.

Removable trays to organize

The detachable trays of Aian can be utilized to organize baby bottles and other items inside the unit.


Hexagonal Mirroring

Aian’s built-in feature, the patented hexagonal mirroring structure, facilitates the rapid sterilization of baby bottles, completing both sterilization and drying operations in just 20 minutes with a single touch.

Air Ventilation

Airflow is facilitated through the back of the unit, ensuring that fresh air is constantly maintained inside.

Aian fits your home space

Aian is available in four different colors to match your preferences and is designed to fit seamlessly into your home space. It has dimensions of 12.59 inches in width, 12.74 inches in height, and 12.58 inches in depth, with a weight of 12.34 pounds.

Additional information

Dimensions12.59 × 12.58 cm
Additional product features

‎one touch operation, timer

Number Of Items




Best uses

‎bottle sterilizer

Batteries required


Dishwasher safe


Is portable


8 reviews for Aian Sterilizer & Dryer

  1. Lucas Steinberg

    Love it with the right materials. Works, but is it SAFE for plastic?This definitely works and sanitizes properly. However, we have no idea if it is safe to sanitize baby bottles that are plastic. If you aren’t using this for baby products, definitely buy it– Plastic baby bottles might warp,or just aren’t safe to use in this because of the release of chemicals due to heat. We have Glass baby bottles atm, so it fits our needs. Be sure to check your plastics prior to buying.

  2. Nancy H

    Can’t live without this sterilizerThe machine makes drying and sterilizing so easy. The first machine turned out defective, but the seller replaced it right away. Great customer service. I would check out the store’s other items too.

  3. Tracy Park

    Highly recommendBaby bottle , pacifier, any baby stuff need to sanitized? You Must have this product

  4. Aiying

    Good productEasy to use

  5. Huai-Jen Hsu

    very good productsimple operation and very good product

  6. Kristen

    Five Starslove this, would highly recommend to others.

  7. Ilikecandybubblegumandtaffy

    Sterilize things in a pinch!I ordered this to sterilize baby things in a pinch since our dishwasher takes about 3 hrs for a full cycle and it’s small enough to fit on our countertop. It works really well and I like that you’re not limited to just baby items. You can sterilize a ton of different things. Great option during this pandemic. I did expect higher quality materials at this price point but it works well and I’m happy with this purchase overall.

  8. Amazon Customer

    The UV light is already good enough for sterilizationI recently bought Aian sterilizer form UV Nook which works for my needs : removing bacteria and viruses on the surface of dental tools.I am using daily bases. It has plenty of room to put most of my tools in the unit and take only 20 min. to sanitize them.The UV light is already good enough for sterilization, however, the additional feature of infrared completes and ensures the job.The hex mirroring system gives fast operation and it nicely dries the tools and tells me when it is done.I am happy with the product I bought from UV Nook! —————————————————————————- a dentist from LA

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