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GROWNSY UV Light Sanitizer

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  • GROWNSY UV Sanitizer has a built-in Philips UV lamp that can clean 99.99%+ from baby bottles and daily necessities quickly and effectively.
  • The 4-N-1 UV Sanitizer can sterilize, auto-sterilize (sterilizing, drying, and storage), dry, and store items for up to 72 hours. The 167℉ drying ensures that items can be used once the drying is completed.
  • The UV Sanitizer Box has a two-floor space design that can accommodate 9 baby bottles and an upper iron frame for small items such as pacifiers, baby toothbrushes, and baby spoons. It has a large capacity without occupying space.
  • The UV Sanitizer Box is intended for households, kitchens, hotels, hospitals and care centers, beauty salons, and kindergartens for baby products, adult and child’s intimate clothing, jewelry, beauty tools, tableware, and mobile phones.
  • The GROWNSY UV Sterilizer is modern and elegant, built with a melt-blown filter to ensure the entry of fresh air. The mirror inner wall design allows 360°sterilizing by reflecting UV light, making it more efficient. It also has an auto shut-off feature when the top lid is opened
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GROWNSY UV Light Sanitizer

4 Mode & Easy to Use

72 Hours Aseptic Storage

72 Hours Aseptic Storage

You can provide your baby with long-lasting protection at any time. Ensure to use sun-safe clothing, hats, and sunscreen, and stay in the shade during midday hours.

Intelligent Memory Chip

Intelligent Memory Chip

The machine can remember your previous settings and continue them in the next use.

Full Mirror Reflection Sterilization

Full Mirror Reflection Sterilization

Ultraviolet light is effective in killing bacteria as it reflects in a 360° angle, leaving no dead angle for bacteria to hide.

Advanced Circulating Air Purification System

Advanced Circulating Air Purification System

The use of air purification technology can keep the air clean and prevent the spread of odor and harmful contaminants.

UVC lamp


GROWNSY Parent's Best Helper

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Dimensions13.19 × 11.89 cm
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‎13.23 x 13.19 x 11.89 inches

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10 reviews for GROWNSY UV Light Sanitizer

  1. KB Kindle Customer

    WorksI bought this to sanitize my CPAP equipment and is works well. Instructions are a little vague and the unit takes sometime to get used to.

  2. Vega420

    Perfect for Bronchiectasis/NTM/MAC/PatientsThe media could not be loaded.

     UV LIGHTS are one of the few ways to kill Non Tuberculosis Mycobacteria ! I use this daily to sterilize my Arobika device and nebulizer parts after I wash them.The drying feature is awesome and it’s very spacious. I’m very pleased.

  3. Chad

    Peace of mind knowing your items are sanitized!It’s easy to use, just put the item or items you want sanitized inside and let it do the rest.Great customer service as well!

  4. Mark Hwang

    very noisy, after 2 monthsI actually can tell the difference using it or not,but just a peace of mind that things are sterilized.The machine generates quite loud noise to interfere with sleep,even UV mode generates loud noise which other brands won’t.I have to turn it off during night sleep.

  5. David L

    Not just for baby bottles…Although this product was specifically marketed as a “baby” product, it is definitely versatile enough to fit a variety of different items. I specifically got this for my parents because they go grocery shopping twice a week and often end up touching a variety of different items when they are out. This box hence becomes essential for things you are not able to wash (like soap for your other items when you come back home).After returning home, we throw different things in this box — cell phones, keys, masks, wallets, in the box and let it run its sterilize cycle. We don’t run the auto cycle on this since we don’t want to put our phones through 75C of fiery hell, although this is definitely a good option if you do not have anything electronic inside (like N95 or disposable masks). As you can see, when the sterilize mode is activated, there is a blue-green grow on top of the unit that tells you that it is on. This mode lasts about 15 minutes and draws about 4.65W AC. On the heating/drying mode, it goes all the way up to 137W and the insides get quite hot.The insides have a mirror-like finish which helps reflect the UV rays around which ensures a more complete sterilization. This is unlike many plastic UV sterilizer boxes that only have one LED on the top which leaves the underside completely untouched. The sterilizer also gives you a removable rack so you can put anything that you want its underside to be exposed to the UV rays (cell phones and masks are good candidates).I didn’t really notice this when buying this, but the box actually uses a removable 4W Philips G4 T5 germicidal UV-C lamp (8000 lifetime hours). It is good to see that they are using lamps from a reputable brand, such that you know that you are really getting what you are paying for (versus a plastic box with a purple LED that would not do anything at a similar cost). You can also replace the lamp if/when it burns out, even though at 8000 hours this would mean you could run the sterilization cycle almost 32,000 times on this single lamp.This was a bit costly, but for the size and utility during a pandemic, I think this is pretty much worth the cost.

  6. Davidmama2000

    WOW! So impressed by this excellently engineered, affordable machine!I have been on the fence for the last couple years about buying a UV sanitizer for my cpap machine. The first ones that came out were ridiculously expensive, plus they were solely geared towards cpaps, so not great for sanitizing anything else. I decided to wait – and boy, am I glad I did! The Grownsy sterilizer is AWESOME. It arrived in 2 days. I was surprised by how roomy and spacious it was – it’s one thing to read the dimensions online, it’s another when faced with this lovely, roomy container that’s deep and wide enough to fit a variety of accoutrements. It even has a detachable wire shelf that fits in the top if desired to hold smaller items.Operation couldn’t be simpler. There’s an “Auto” button that first dries, and then sterilizes, your items. You can choose to do either function separately, or you can store items in there as well. But a single dial is all you need to do to select these various functions. SUPER EASY. Nothing to do to set it up, just plug and play.Although I purchased primarily for my cpap components (and it’s roomy enough to do the all of them at once) it comes at a good time (Covid) for wanting to disinfect more objects! I will be throwing our cellphones in there, our remotes, and any other shared objects in the house. I can’t say enough about this. Makes me want to sanitize the world!PS we don’t have any babies in the house anymore, but if they would have had these when my son was an infant, I definitely would have wanted this for bottle sterilization. So if any of you reading this are new parents, don’t hesitate to use this magical box! Like I said, spacious enough to accommodate a whole slew of bottles and nipples at one go, and be confident they’re being sterilized in a thorough manner. A+!

  7. casey

    CheapFan started making load noises after acouple weeks

  8. Tre’s L.

    Easy Use To Dry & Sterilize CPAP AccessoriesI bought this to use for my CPAP machine, to sterilize and air dry my mask, tube(s), and water tank. I was sceptical at first but I find myself using this every day. It has been working great for me thus far except for some occasional additional wacky fan noises, (which started after 2 full weeks of use, **Does not happen all the time just on occasions**), thus the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.All controls are self explanatory and instructions are an easy read and explains what each dial is responsible for.This product is a game changer because it saves me time as far as being able to clean my face mask and tube(s) before heading out to work in the morning. All I have to due is rinse my mask and tube(s) out with warm water, shake off the access water thoroughly, set it in the Sterilizer box and turn the setting to auto, and voila dried and sterilized just like that. When I arrive home after work my mask and tube(s) are ready to be used for the night.**NOTE** Do not overload Sterilizer with CPAP accessories because everything will not dry completely. Dry and sterilize the longer hose separately. Except for the above issue I mentioned earlier in my review, this product over all is still a great budget buy and I will still recommend this to anyone in my position that’s looking for one at this price point.Everything that fits in Sterilizer as far as CPAP Accessories:-Nose (face) Mask-Water Tank (dismantled of course)-short hose that connects to face mask-Long hose that connects to CPAP machine that attaches to short hose which attaches to mask

  9. Danielle Adkins

    Easy to use but limited instructions (no troubleshooting)Disclaimer: I have only owned this for 1 day. When you activate your warranty you can receive a free gift for leaving a review. The gift, however, does not influence my opinion of the product or the following review.Needs more instructions. When I turned mine on the first time the light blinked but the uv didn’t turn on. I couldn’t find what that meant. It’s not in the book and I couldn’t find anything online (I didn’t search very hard but still). Unugged and plugged back in and it works now so idk.Quick and easy, just shut the lid and turn the dial. It beeps when it’s done and the light turns off. It does smell a bit when it’s fresh out of the box but there are some instructions on how to get rid of that…I just haven’t gone to the store for lemon/ginger yet.Not just for baby stuff! Only 16min to uv sanitize. I immediately put my nail kit and phone in. Can’t wait to clean more stuff, like my face mask and keys.I haven’t tried the drying feature or auto yet but I think I’ll try that when I wash my cloth facemask next. Then I can dry and sanitize it all at once.It is bigger than I thought (just means I can fit more in it) but the dimensions are in the photos and stuff so I’m just apparently bad at reading.Overall I think this is something I will be using often, especially during this pandemic. I tend to catch a cold at the changing of the seasons every year so I wonder if this will help reduce that (we shall see).

  10. Mr. Al Gigel

    Peace of Mind, Breathing EasyCleaning and disinfecting my nebulizer parts is the reason for my peace of mind review. The fact that it can help disinfect my keys, cell phone, etc al, is just an added bonus. Great product.

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