Electric Steam Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

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  • The baby bottle sterilizer and dryer use high-temperature natural steam to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.
  • It is more hygienic than microwaves and dishwashers.
  • The sterilizer uses hot air technology for fast and safe drying, instead of long-time natural air-drying.
  • With the 4-in-1 design, you can sterilize with steam only, dry only, sterilize and dry, and even steam baby food.
  • The bottle sanitizer is for all baby bottles and can hold up to 6 bottles, pump parts, and accessories in one go
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Hi there, Mom! We understand how important it is for every parent to provide their baby with the best possible start in life. As babies are not yet strong enough to protect themselves, it’s crucial to take measures to reduce the chances of them getting sick in the first place. That’s why we’re here to help with our baby essentials that are designed to make your parenting experience easier. Our LAREX baby bottle sterilizer is the perfect tool to keep harmful stuff from being transmitted during feeding time, giving your baby’s delicate body a helping hand. With our sterilizer, you can rest assured that your baby is safe and protected.

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baby bottle sterilizer and dryer

Panel Control

  • AUTO: Sterilize and Dry
  • Sterilize: Only Sterilize Baby Items.
  • Dry: Only Dry Baby Items
  • Thaw: Heating Baby Food

Why do you need a LAREX baby bottle sterilizer?

In the era of the current environment, you cannot be too safe!

Ultraviolet radiation is a useful sterilizing technique that can be implemented in the LAREX bottle sterilizer machine to clean everything from bottle nipples to teethers and pacifiers.

  • Sterilization using ultraviolet radiation is a time and energy-saving technique.
  • It is BPA-free, eliminating the risk of harming the baby bottle.
  • The process is easy to operate and does not deform the baby bottles due to heat.
  • It takes 8~10 minutes to completely sterilize the bottles, with an in-built timer for auto shutdown to stop the use of excess power.
  • The sterilizer can accommodate up to 6 bottles at a time.
  • The compact design makes it easy to fit in any corner of your kitchen.

baby bottle sanitizer

bottle sterilizer for baby

sterilizer and dryer

Larege Capacity

The product has enough space to accommodate 6 bottles and various baby products.

Easy to Clean

The baby bottle sterilizer can be easily cleaned using a solution of vinegar and water.

Effective air filtration system

Effective filtration methods for removing harmful things and pollutants to prevent secondary pollution.

baby bottle sterilizer and dryer

Additional information

Dimensions13 × 7.75 cm
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Material free

‎BPA Free

Care instructions

‎Clean after Use

Batteries required


Item Weight

‎4.79 pounds

10 reviews for Electric Steam Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

  1. Timarie A. Mikolasek

    Great Sanitizer, Saves me time, Great Customer ServiceThis sanitizer saves me so much time. I used to boil all my baby’s bottles and pump parts, then switched to hand washing. You do still need to rinse the items with a little soap, but cleaning thoroughly is not necessary. I had an issue within one month where the power button wasn’t turning on, but turns out, I wasn’t holding it down long enough, (needs to be 3 seconds). I contacted customer service, they got back to me with suggestions and even followed up!

  2. Danielle Lambrite

    Game changer!I would often find myself drying pump parts at 3am 4 hours after I had washed them for my middle of the night pump because I didn’t have this nifty product! Now my parts are sterilized and dry in about an hour!! Everything is getting sterilized much more often which is great and I no longer dread washing pump parts. So glad I got this product

  3. Jason Y.

    A bottle sanitizer all parents needWe’ve been wanting to upgrade our bottle sanitizer since we go through so many bottles every day.We like this model because the height which fits so many bottles all at once. It’s very easy setup they even provide all the instruction on their box.There are a few setting on this sanitizer, auto, sterilize, and drying feature. It cleans very throughly. Definitely recommend all working parents to purchase this device.

  4. Chandan M

    Good product,gets job done for less costEasy to get started, Steams very well has a heating plate uses around 100ml of water every run, Cleans and drys completely withing 1hr. Also arrived within 4hr of order placement . This can also be used to sterilize other things..

  5. A

    A time saver for new parents! Highly Recommend!!If you’re a new mom, but especially a working mom – this is a necessity for you! With the need to do lots of bottle feeding and breast pumping and the desire to save time due to a busy schedule, a bottle sterilizer and dryer is a must have!I chose this one as it can fit varying items: bottles, bottle tops, breast pump pieces, etc. It has a large basket and small basket, making it easy to fit anything – especially those tiny tools that are hard to clean by hand! It can sterilize in 10 minutes, and dries your items (although keep in mind drying does take 50 minutes). On top of that all, it even has ability to thaw!!! For the price, benefits, and all of its functions – it makes it an obvious must have!Absolutely recommend

  6. Anonymous20

    MUST BUY !!! 10/10 highly recommend!The media could not be loaded.

     I bought this recently because my other sterilizer, I got it for baby shower gift and didn’t really like it because it only sterilized and not dry and also had that weird smell. I decided to get a new one that is bigger, sterilizes and has drying feature which this one has! Used it last night to sterilize and dry over night and omg absolutely love it! It does a job and it’s quiet too! It doesn’t show how many minutes left but doesn’t matter but you’re letting it do its work. It gives you an option to auto, sterilize, dry, or thaw which is great to keep to warm up your baby’s food, wash your pump parts, bottles, toys and etc. this is great for new moms that get frustrated to do boiling in the pot or steam sterilize in microwave or even letting the bottles/parts dry before you can even use it till the next day.

  7. Pau

    SterilizerGreat item, I have been enjoying it.

  8. AmandaK

    Great sterilizer/dryer for parents!This is a great sterilizer and dryer. The large basket holds a good amount of bottles and different types/sizes. The smaller basket works perfectly for smaller items like bottle nipples and pump parts. You can use either together or separately. It makes the sterilizer and drying process extremely easy and is very convenient. You can also use the dry function by itself which is even better if you just need something dried quickly, especially for pumping!! It’s also very quiet. Overall it’s a great appliance and is very useful for parents and is a much better price compared to other brands.

  9. Kiar

    Must have if you bottle feed babyLove this sterilizer. It does exactly what is advertised and gives me piece of mind when bottle feeding my baby.If you overfill it, not everything will dry in the pre programmed time.

  10. Olivia Hoogestraat

    Amazing sterilizer/dryer!This sterilizer is amazing for the price! I truly have never seen my bottle and pump parts cleaner. I have used it a few times now since receiving it and I wish I had it from the beginning of my journey with my baby. I highly recommend to anyone looking to sterilize AND DRY their pump parts and bottles.

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