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  • The U-V-C led can clean 99.99%+ harmful substances from pacifiers and bottle nipples in 59 seconds.
  • It is a 2-in-1 sanitizer that can be used by placing the items to be sterilized into the sterilizer or by holding the sterilizing components horizontally to the items to be sterilized after taking them apart from the U-V-C sterilizer.
  • The U-V-C led has a strong lasting life and can be used for 90 minutes when fully charged, allowing for 90 times of 59 seconds cleaning or 30 times 3-minute cleaning. It is charged via a USB cable, which is included.
  • The U-V-C led is multipurpose and suitable for all types of pacifiers, soothers, bottles, nipples, and toothbrushes, as well as baby products, adult and child’s intimate clothing, jewelry, beauty tools, and mobile phones.
  • The U-V-C led has an intimate design and comes with a strap that easily attaches to a pram, purse, diaper bag, etc. It can be laid flat or hung in two modes to meet different needs. The U-V-C led will auto-shut off when the lid is opened.
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GROWNSY U-V*C Sanitizer – Parent’s Best Helper

UV sanitizer

UV Sanitizer

59S device utilizes UV-C LEDs to disinfect surfaces

As a new parent, it is important to prioritize protecting your baby from harmful UV rays and sun exposure while enjoying outdoor activities.

The Portable U-V*C Sanitizer is a product that reflects GRWONSY’s care and love for its customers. This powerful sterilizer can provide peace of mind by killing 99.99% of harmful substances from baby items, such as pacifiers and bottle nipples, within just 59 seconds. Its portable design makes it easy to use and carry, ensuring that your baby’s items are always clean and safe.

Using the GROWNSY sterilizer is as simple as placing the item to be sterilized inside and waiting for 59 seconds. The compact size of the device allows for easy attachment to a purse or diaper bag, making it a convenient tool to use.

bottle sterilier

UV Sanitizer

UV Sanitizer


The GROWNSY U-V*C sanitizer, which utilizes USB charging and comes with a USB cable, can be fully charged and used for up to 90 minutes, allowing for 90 uses of 59-second sterilizing or 30 uses of 3-minute sterilizing.

Imported UV-C led

Compared to traditional germicidal lamps that emit ultraviolet light with peaks at 253.7 nm and 185 nm due to the mercury content, UVC LEDs are a more environmentally-friendly alternative with a longer lifespan and no mercury component.


Ultraviolet radiation can be used for sterilizing a variety of objects including pacifiers, bottles, toothbrushes, intimate clothing, jewelry, beauty tools, and even mobile phones.

UV Sanitizer

Warm Tips:

  • Sterilizing components can be used to sterilize household items like mobile phones, toys, remote controls, and glasses.
  • Hold the sterilizing components steady during sterilization and ensure the desired level of sterilization.
  • Avoid quick movements of the sterilizing components while in use.
  • Keep the sterilizing component close, no more than 2-3cm away from the items to be sterilized.
  • The sterilizer has a built-in ball switch that produces a slight sound when shaken, which is normal.
  • To prevent people from being irradiated by the LED, the allowable tilt angle is 45° ± 5°.
UV Sanitizer

An Ideal Gift for New Parents

This product features a modern, elegant, and versatile design that is crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, the user manual is both practical and readable, making it an excellent option for gift-giving. Get your hands on it now and carry it with you wherever you go!

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10 reviews for Portable UV Light Sanitizer Box | Pacifier Sanitizer

  1. Kay

    Great to use if your travelingThis product is pretty good gives me a peace of mind when im out and can’t clean baby pacifier

  2. Josselin

    ExelenteLo llevo a todos lados mi chupones muy limpios

  3. Noemi Arredondo

    Easy to usePerfect for on the go. Easy to use and sturdy . Love that it’s rechargeable

  4. mamabird

    Simple and easy to use! Great for traveling!I bought this item with the Corona virus in mind. I recently had a baby in September. My first one, too. I’ve been super paranoid during this pandemic. I don’t take my newborn out into public, besides to pick up groceries and to doctors appointments, but I found it was very hard to keep his pacifiers from touching surfaces. I didn’t always have a sink to clean them and I REFUSED to put it back into his mouth until I could clean it. There have been times were I was unable to use his pacifier after it fell on the floor of the doctors office or such. Buying this product has given me a peace of mind while traveling. I don’t feel 100% about putting a pacifier back into his mouth after using this because I can’t physically see the difference after using it, therefore mentally I don’t feel like it’s very clean (though it’s probably a lot cleaner than I think). But I definitely wouldn’t put a pacifier back into my son’s mouth that dropped on the floor, even if I did use this product prior to.I mainly use this to sanitize the pacifier lanyards. They touch all kinds of surfaces, too. I hated washing them. The lanyards take too long to dry once washed, and the metal clip lanyards started rusting after the first wash. Using this product cuts out drying time and the potential for rust.It clips easily to a diaper bag and I have no worry about it falling off. It is sort of bulky and heavy.I do like the fact that this specific brand allows me to undo the top off and use it to sanitize my phone, keys, and wallet!! I do use this for that a lot as well! It is simple and easy to use.

  5. Brandi

    The directions are errors all over.Wish the directions mentioned which sanitization is recommended for what instances. Also I looked up sould because it said makes a slight sould. Maybe they meant sound. And says don’t rinse or sock. So no socks allowed.

  6. Yana L

    Would love upgradeWorks great but uses older usb cord and I wish it was the newer one so I didn’t have to pack/store a million different types

  7. Happy Roo

    Scientifically proven. I tested it.Tested pacifier after washing with soap, after putting it to my son’s mouth and after sterilizing it in this device. Only after mouth test some yeasts came out. And nothing after soap or sterilizer.I recommend to buy it.

  8. cristel

    Muy buenoLa verdad no se si sirve jejeje pero creo que si!

  9. Fayline

    SanitizerConvenient for travelers on the road

  10. Beca

    charged and readyJust charged device and have not used it yet but seems pretty easy to sanitize our pacifiers

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