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UV Room Temperature Sterilizer

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  • Scope of application: electronic products, various tools, children’s clothing (almost all small and medium items)
  • Ultraviolet wavelength: usually 220-250nm (lowest:185nm,maximum 270nm)
  • Disinfection method: ultraviolet + ozone (UVC)
  • Two timer setting modes(8 minutes or 30 minutes) for your selection
  • Auto-shutoff design, UV lamp will turn off automatically when the drawer is open
  • Consumer rights: After receiving the product, if the product is damaged during transportation, it will be returned unconditionally.
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The disinfection method mentioned in the prompt is ultraviolet + ozone, which uses UV radiation to damage the DNA/RNA of microorganisms so that they cannot reproduce, making them harmless. This method does not involve heating and is suitable for sterilizing electronic products, dry items, cell phones, and other electronics. It can also be used in salons, spas, manicures, dental facilities, homes, and for personal use. The sterilizer can be used to sterilize various tools made of metal, plastic, ceramic, or glass, including cups, baby bottles, cutlery, and kitchenware. There are two options for sterilization time; 8 minutes for rapid sterilization or 30 minutes for longer sterilization.

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Weight7.14 kg
Dimensions0.01 × 0.01 cm
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‎ 10 x 0.01 x 0.01 inches; 7.14 Pounds

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‎ SZ-007

10 reviews for UV Room Temperature Sterilizer

  1. Andrew S Yan

    Don’t know if it actually kills all Bacteria/Virus, but it gives us and our customers peace of mind.Purchased this cabinet after a two month Shelter in Place order due to the global pandemic. Once we reopened, we couldn’t figure out how to easily and effectively sanitize the hundreds of glasses (we dispense prescription eyeglasses) that our patients try on daily. Came across this item and decided to try it.On average, we’ve used it seven to eight times daily. It’s been a year an a half since we’ve purchased it and we are still using the original bulb (the product comes with a replacement bulb). I don’t know if it actually kills all Bacteria/Virus as advertised, but it gives us and our customers peace of mind that we are taking steps to keep everyone safe. So far, all of our staff member is safe.

  2. Lorie

    Third one we have boughtEveryone in my family liked the one I got for my salon during the beginning of Covid, they have had me order 2 more over the course of a year or so for them.

  3. Steven L. Guy

    Outstanding UV SanitizerPerfect size at a great price. I want it as big as my door, so I can have everyone go into the chamber before they come into my house! I know, I know – bad for the skin and don’t look at the light!

  4. Jmcouch29

    Practical sanitizing without heat or water, reassuring.Large enough to hold face masks, debit cards, key fobs, currency etc. Unit shuts off if door is opened mid-cycle. Great way to disinfect items without heat or water. Leaves a very faint “fresh” smell from minimal ozone production – pleasant and reassuring. By the way, I verified strong UVC production by this unit using an American Ultraviolet UVC Dosimeter card, commonly used to prove UVC disinfection in healthcare settings. Definitely recommend this unit to others!

  5. greg senter

    Nice unitIt appears to function as advertised. We use it to sanitize masks in our dental practice along with cell phones etc. Don’t understand why they have a clear glass on the front. We blocked it out so light doesn’t leak out. Not the highest quality build but functional.

  6. Perry Littrell

    not workingWhen I received the cabinet the light would not turn on. I removed the bulb and screwed it back in and now it works. Must have came loose in shipping.

  7. Paul M.

    It really is an effective UVC product.I have test strips to check to see if a product is truly a UVC sanitizer and this is legit. Effective and easy to use. Too many FAKE products out there and this one is a true UVC unit.

  8. Celeroselife

    The deal is in the priceThankfully it comes with an extra light bulb. Light was not working upon arrival.Also, the replacement is oddly bigger than the original light bulb connectors.Worried about my investment once this light bulb dies.

  9. zhao.yuec

    Useful for COVID 19I bought this because I want to sanitize my stuff during this special period. I could not get enough alcohol to clean my stuffs. It seems extremely useful whenever you come back home. Just put stuff inside and wait for a couple minutes. It gives me at least mentally comfort.

  10. RichB.

    Excellent SterilizerWe bought it for the Jewelry Store that I work for, before working on anything we put the item for 8 minutes. Clients seems to appreciate that we are doing this, and taking precaution. So far it’s working great. I hope it really does kill all bacteria and virus.

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