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  • The device achieves 360-degree disinfection with bulbs on both the top and bottom, reaching tiny crevices that sprays and wipes cannot.
  • The HomeSoap is easy to use, simply plug it into power with the provided cord, place the object inside, close the door, and remove the disinfected object after 10 minutes.
  • If a red light appears, expose the bulbs to natural light or a flashlight for up to 10 minutes.
  • With its sleek and simple design, the large-capacity UV phone sanitizer can fit larger items than the original PhoneSoap, including tablets, laptops, phones, toys, pacifiers, baby bottles, keys, wallets, and more.
  • The internal dimensions of the device are 13.18 x 3.66 x 9.24 in.
  • PhoneSoap is a best-reviewed and trusted brand that offers germicidal UV-C light disinfection products paired with stylish design.
  • The brand helps people live better by defeating microbes the easy way, from high-touch, germ-coated phones to the air we breathe.
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Scientifically Proven

Dirty Phone

Dirty smartphone

PhoneSoap results

18x Germier Than a Toilet

According to research, our phones accumulate 18 times more germs than a public toilet due to our tendency to carry them with us everywhere, including restrooms, and neglecting to clean them. Although we may wash our hands regularly, we fail to sanitize our phones, which makes them a breeding ground for pathogens.

A Petri Dish in Your Pocket

We pass the germs to our phones that we pick up from everyday items like grocery carts, gas station handles, and public restrooms. Warm places like pockets and purses are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Clinically Proven Results

PhoneSoap’s powerful UV-C light is totally safe for electronics. While removing 99.99% of germs*, UV-C light can get to the microorganisms that hide in crevices where cleaning wipes can’t reach.

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According to independent testing conducted by a third-party laboratory, HomeSoap has been found to be 99.9% effective against a range of harmful bacteria and viruses, including Salmonella, E. coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus, and Coronavirus 229Ein. The testing involved the use of HomeSoap on various items such as headphones, jewelry, and baby bottles. Additionally, HomeSoap has been tested using ASTM 3535, a standard for evaluating the efficacy of UV light on hard non-porous surfaces like glass, metals, and plastics, and has been found to be 99.9% effective against salmonella.


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Large capacity for bigger items

The UV phone sanitizer we offer has an interior chamber that is 27 times larger than the PhoneSoap 3, allowing you to disinfect multiple items simultaneously. Our product features a patented 360-degree design and powerful UV-C bulbs that guarantee 99.99% disinfection. Additionally, you can charge your devices while disinfecting them with both USB-A and USB-C charging ports.

Automatic vs. manual modes

You can control the way you disinfect with the option to enable automatic mode, which will disinfect when the door shuts, or manual mode, which can be activated with the touch of a button.


The HomeSoap is equipped with nano-suction feet that keep it stable and firmly in place. Additionally, it features a Kensington lock slot that allows you to secure the unit wherever you choose to position it.

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Weight7.58 kg
Dimensions14.6 × 8.3 × 19.5 cm
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14.6 x 8.3 x 19.5 inches

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7.58 pounds

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Large Capacity UV Light Sanitizer & Charger

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Date First Available

October 18, 2019

10 reviews for HomeSoap Large Capacity UV Light Sanitizer & Charger

  1. Adam

    Seems good for now I wanna say.I wanna say it seems good for now. I like the bigger size I feel I would like it if it was even bigger though ????.Don’t shove to much in there as you may break a bulb or the ones on the side that I believe are the side mirrors so I guess it can provide 360 degree sanitization.I broke one of the side bulbs but I guess that’s still fine though and the machine can still function properly its not shattered or anything it just cracked it in half but it’s still in there so I believe it still provides the 360 sanitization I wanna say and hope ????.Maybe as long as it’s in there and it’s broke in the way mine is then maybe it’s ok then.I wanna say I did contact customer service and I wanna say that that would be ok still to provide 360 sanitization but don’t quote me on that I don’t wanna lie or accidentally lie or so just saying.I did attach a photo for you to check it out though to see what I mean.I also did contact customer service and they do offer a 1 year warranty so I could have it sent in to have it fixed I may because I believe it’s free and they pay for shipping and all I wanna say but yeah.No need to worry about breaking at least the side bulbs though easily I wanna say I really tried to shove something in there and so thankfully that’s all that broke and not one of the bulbs that actually disinfects the stuff or something else.That was just a dumb thing by me so I wanna say don’t worry about that if you are responsible and all that.The side bulbs seem strong enough so just don’t be crazy and try and shove a pillow or something in there where it may be compressed in there and you may here a bulb break or so.Anyways I could maybe say more and ramble on and on or so so sorry for that ????.I think it’s a good machine though and has treated me well and I wanna say I recommend it just maybe try and find it at a cheaper price.So hopefully this review helped you in a positive way.Regardless wish you all the best and have a great blessed day and life! GOD bless

  2. Bob

    As far as I know it worksI’m not sure if I have a different unit than some of the reviews, but I can say my white model has 2 UV-C bulbs (one on the top and one on the bottom) and 6 glass light pipes (3 per side) which appear to reflect and distribute the UV light around the inside.I put my phone on video record, then put it in the Sanitizer with a QuantaDose UV-C test card and the recording clearly showed the UV-C indicator lighting up on the test card. With these test cards, you have to remember the UV-C indicator will only light up when being exposed to UV-C, it will not continue to glow after the UV-C light is off (as opposed to the separate solar UV intensity indicator on the card, which will continue to show a color change for several minutes after being removed from sunlight). Also, if you are using the QuantaDose *first* generation test card, it is not likely to show you an accurate reading of UV-C intensity on the bottom scale, as that sensor is not optimized for the disinfecting UV-C wavelength or intensity and is better used for evaluating UV-A/B exposure from sunlight (UV-C does not penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere).I like that this unit is big enough to insert documents and photos and I use it to salvage pages/photos which have gotten moldy. The only things I would change about it are:1) Feet on one of the side panels so the unit can be laid flat rather than upright (better for flat documents) and not wobble and spin.2) A manual mode which doesn’t start until you push the button, but automatically turns off after 10 minutes like the auto mode, rather than staying on until you manually turn it off. *** see below:***Edit: Oops, I assumed that when you turned off auto mode it went to a totally manual mode, but what it does is exactly what I wanted–you start a cycle by pressing the button (as opposed to just closing the door in auto mode) and it does automatically end the cycle after 10 minutes and turn off.

  3. Henry

    Does NOTHING (Edit-does a little)This is an addition to my original review: you literally have to put the area of the item you want sterilized RIGHT on top of the strongest part of the bulb (you can video inside with your phone when you close the door to see where that is) BUT I still don’t know how it’s 360 degrees since there are only 2 bulbs, top and bottom. The things on the side other do nothing, or I got a defective one. I would be better off getting 3 or 4 Steriwave wands and nuking the crap out of everything from all angles.Original review:I just now today got this from UV Nook. I wanted to do the UV testing cards and also the “green banana” test which absolutely does work if a UV unit is a legitimate one.The UV ultraviolet shows NOTHING, NO change, NO detection of anything remotely related to UV-C. The green banana test showed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And for example, the SteriWave UVC wand I have blew both tests out of the stratosphere, but it’s just a wand with one bulb. I wanted to have that same effectiveness in a larger unit.ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS CRAP, now I’ve wasted my time ordering this, and waiting, and having to take the time to pack the thing up and SEND IT BACK TO AMAZON and WAIT FOR MY FN REFUND so I can order something else that actually works AND THEN WAIT FOR THAT to be shipped. I am so damn angry right now because I have things I need to use this for and now my time and $$ is wasted and I won’t get so much as a “GFY” from HomeSoap, nothing for my time, hassle, etc.So freakin irritated.

  4. O.

    Nice design, real UVCI bought one of those cheap, Chinese wholesale-type UV sanitizing boxes and unfortunately they were only UV-A/B according to the UV test card I bought. This uses real UVC bulbs and tested positive with the card.The design is nice although I would have been willing to sacrifice some of the sleek design for replaceable bulbs. It is really unfortunate that this will likely just be dumped in landfill in a few years when the bulbs burn out rather than just having panels that come off to replace the bulbs easily.The one-button control seems nice at first but it is annoying. There’s no way to know what mode it is in other than trial and error. That is bad design. Either put multiple buttons or at least color differences for each mode.Depending on the price of this at the time you’re looking, the Wabi UV sterilizer may be better as it has replaceable bulbs but it cost more than twice as much when I bought this.But at the moment, I would recommend this as it is very good for the price.

  5. Inconceivable Media

    I would give it a 5, but I don’t know 100% if the germs are killed. So….I’m giving it a 4.

  6. Yuna Mariel

    Wow, I did not expect this to make an immediately obvious difference.I feel like the size of this thing has been under-represented so I wanted to show off what it looks like for you. Inside are multiple phones, headphones, charge cables, TV remote, carefully-positioned craft scissors, and then some and then some and then some. I was worried it wouldn’t be big enough, but it’s huge. My main thing I was worried about is “will it be big enough to put in 1-liter water bottles from the gas station when I’m dodgy about their quality?” and the answer is “Of course!”I suffer extreme allergies, always have all my life, they make my skin burn and rash and can cause me to spend entire days feeling and thinking nothing other than “Please, let this lingering pain stop.” I had suspected some component of it was bacterial, but I didn’t realize HOW MUCH of it was. In fact, I think that we humans put up with far too much grime and gunk in our stuff! Suddenly my allergic reactions went down a massive amount. If you suffer from debilitating allergies, then you know how some objects around the house can be “off-limits”. A remote you can’t pick up without breaking out in hives, no matter how much you clean it. A beloved mug that starts making your stomach do backflips out of nowhere. I’m not saying this device’ll cure you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your trigger objects no longer bother you. For us, it’s like a miracle! Definitely worth the money.Not just that, but as an avid video gamer, I care a lot about my controllers, yet sometimes no matter what I do they start sticking and feeling grimy. Buttons press in and take a fraction of a second longer than they used to before they pop back out. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but in competitive gaming, pro gaming, e-sports, etc, it’s the difference between looking like an artist or looking like someone who started playing last week. Turns out that as far as I can tell, a LOT of the trouble was from stuff living inside of the buttons and sticks. Once all of it is dead, it can’t make things sticky and wet anymore, and the controls loosen back up to their prior state. In fewer words – you can get that crisp, newly store-bought feeling back.I wasn’t sure if I’d notice this machine doing anything at all. I assumed that even if it was the best thing since sliced bread, it would take weeks of slowly getting used to it before I got a sensation of how much help it was doing. Instead: I noticed right away! The difference between a cleaned and uncleaned item is SO great, SO huge, SO life-changing, that it’s impossible to miss.Taking one star off for the price, though. I’d have gotten this a long time ago if it wasn’t so expensive, it’s priced way beyond “casual experimental purchase” amounts. It looks like one of those “mail-order miracle items” that nobody actually needs. But if I could, I’d put one in every house. I think that the company is making a bad move by only targeting the few million people with this kind of cash. Make it 1/2 as expensive and you could sell 10 times more, the math checks out. Also I think that pricing it based on size, like the way Apple charges thousands of dollars more for twice the RAM on their computers (even though it doesn’t actually cost that much to make), is predatory and we don’t need more companies doing it. I hope that the makers of this will become less insecure in the future and price more aggressively.All in all, this product was a win for me. I just hope that more people have the chance to use it!

  7. Christopher M.

    Works great with some small drawbacks.It has been through four cycles so far and I believe that it is working. The way that I know is because of the after-cleaning chemical smell which both my fiancé and I find to be extremely tolerable. Also, it appears that anything that has sticker-like decals on it will have the stickiness come from the bottom of the sticker to the top. If you care about decals, don’t put items that have them in the Homesoap and use disinfecting wipes or isopropyl alcohol instead to wipe away the germs while still not touching the decals.You should also know before you buy that any white plastics you put in it may discolor with prolonged UVC light exposure, anything you put into it has to be dry and some keyboards and laptops will not fit. If you have a keyboard that won’t fit and you are okay with taking the keys off of it, I would recommend doing so but make sure to note where each key goes beforehand or take a picture of the keyboard for reference when you’re done cleaning the keys and are ready to put the the keys back on.To get everything optimally clean, you want to lay it in the machine diagonally if possible. I taped two small remotes together to clean them as they would otherwise lay flat.After you plug it in and remove the “remove before using sticker”, the Homesoap is already in automatic mode so if you want 10 minute cleaning only, you are all set to go. Just open the door, shove your nasty stuff in their, and close the door.I have read other reviews as well and need to discuss some things. Corona Virus is not associated with Corona the beer. It is not recommended that you put food or drink (packaged or not) into the Homesoap. Also, the reason why there is not a walk-in version of the Homesoap is because UVC light not only sanitizes surfaces but it can also destroy DNA and RNA (what humans are made of) so you don’t want to subject any part of your skin to UVC rays. Lastly, the chemical smell after sanitizing is normal but I seriously wonder what these people who can’t stand the smell we’re putting in theirs.

  8. Pankaj

    not sure if 360 degree is possible.UV bulbs are only on top and bottom. not sure how it can do 360.

  9. ADJ

    It works well and is easy to use but be careful with the fragile UV bulbsI love this thing. My only criticism is that the bulbs inside aren’t adequately protected. I feel like I have to be extra carful sliding in an iPad so I don’t accidentally crack a bulb.

  10. Easy Street

    HomeSoap, Supercharged!The metallic smell when opening this box after use is ozone from strong ultraviolet light turning some of the oxygen inside the box, into ozone (O3). Other smells can come from the stuff being killed or broken down by both the ozone and the ultraviolet light concentrated in the box. Not only is the UVC light wavelength sterilizing, but ozone is an irresistible disinfectant as well, and unlike the light, ozone will get into the spaces in objects you place in the box, even inside the objects themselves.You can also enhance this effect with additional ozone by adding a couple 4Mg/Hr “USB Rechargeable Mini Ozone Generator” Pocket size O3 units to the load of whatever you’re sterilizing in the box. The ozone concentrates in the closed box killing even what the light can’t reach. Ozone is highly reactive, so once you stop making it, the smell goes away quickly as the ozone dissipates or finds something to react with.If you’re relying on generated ozone to disinfect the unlit parts of stuff in the box, leave your stuff inside the closed box 30 minutes or more. (Or just run it three times.) Open a window if needed, or do this in a space with some ventilation, as breathing too much ozone is bad for you, and particularly hard on people with any respiratory problems. In your kitchen or bathroom where you can turn on an exhaust fan is a good place for it. Normal usage doesn’t seem to make worrisome amounts of ozone, but someone with bad asthma would not appreciate the effects from opening the door, putting their face close to see inside, while inhaling deeply. Especially with additional O3 generators running in it.Otherwise, unless you were killing something really funky, or dangerous to expose to ozone, it’s just a good dose of that “after a thunderstorm” smell.I like my new HomeSoap, and I’ll be getting more of these for family and friends.I don’t think it needs more lights in the six empty tubes, unless they also want to add an exhaust fan blowing through an ozone destroyer.These are the mini O3 Generators I’m using with my HomeSoap and elsewhere:Portable Air Purifier – USB Rechargeable Mini Ozone Generator, Odor Eliminating Ozone Machine, Pocket Size O3 Machine for Small Space, Pets, Travelling – White’t let the kids “clean” and deodorize their pets in the box, unless they’re already not living!) 😉

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