High Temperature Metal Tool Cleaning Box



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High Temperature Metal Tool Cleaning Box

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  • The high-temperature metal tool cleaning box can be adjusted from 0°C to 220°C, and the power will automatically turn off when it reaches the maximum temperature.
  • The device features a rapid-start heating element for fast operation without pressure, steam, or chemicals, and does not require routine cleaning.
  • The big box can be used as a toolbox for storing items such as haircut scissors, pedicure files, and nail clippers.
  • The high-temperature metal tool cleaning box is an excellent cleaning device for barbershops, salons, pet hospitals, and dental clinics, as it effectively cleans metal tools quickly in 10 minutes.
  • The device can eliminate hidden dirt in crevices that cleaning wipes cannot reach, ensuring that metal tools are always clean and safe for use.
  • The manufacturer provides a 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee, offering 60 days unconditional return and a 1-year warranty. Customers can contact them with any questions or concerns.
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– High temperature cleaning up to 220℃(428℉)Max.
-Cleaning Temperature 125℃ 257℉.
-Automatic Timer control.


  • Do not touch the machine when it is working.
  • The machine is a high-temperature clean box, so metal tools must be kept dry.
  • Plastic instruments are not suitable for use with the machine.
  • Only metal tools can be used with the machine.

Package Included:
1* High temperature clean box
1* Power Cord
1* English Manual
2* Extra Fuse
2* Anti-scalding ring

Additional information

Weight6.1 kg
Dimensions12.2 × 7.09 × 4.72 cm


Surface Recommendation


Room Type



Polyethylene Terephthalate

Number of Pieces


10 reviews for High Temperature Metal Tool Cleaning Box

  1. Riselys Colon Gonzalez

    En pruebaThe media could not be loaded.

     Es muy útil y de poco espacio. Pero tengo que darle más tiempo para ver si dura y no se quema. Pero por el momento muy bien!

  2. Lina Pérez

    Funciona muy bienThe media could not be loaded.

     Excelente para tener todo en orden

  3. Donna

    Burning plastic smellI just got this but the first time when I used it, it had smoke come out and smell like some plastic stuff get burned, I wasn’t sure what was it . Second time when I used it it also had little bit of the smell of burn but wasn’t bad, hopefully just some parts get warmed up., otherwise than that I wish they have a power button to turn it off.

  4. Ar


  5. NM Urgent Care

    Very bad experience, it’s not working properly.Cleaning of medical apparatus

  6. Fabiola V

    PerfectoMuy responsable el vendedor, el equipo llego en buen estado 100% operativo

  7. Mary Savage

    Help hereOnly used twice and it stinks up my whole room. Can’t use it snd can’t find anyway to contact the seller

  8. Diana

    Funciona muy bien.Si usas las bolsas y la pones en la parte inferior “se te va a quemar”…. De preferencia una por vez y en la parte superior para evitar que la bolsa salga negra o salga echa carbón. Yo uso 10-12 min. siempre con bolsa para desinfectar, y en la parte superior solamente a 120 (espero no estarme equivocando en la medida, sino regresó y Edito).

  9. hari t.

    110V 300W power not suitable for Malaysia without transformerDid not know that the 110V 300W power was not suitable for Malaysia. Have to buy a stepdown transformer before I can use it. Otherwise, the delivery was on time.

  10. Yazmin

    Broken timerIt’s good at heating but it won’t turn off after the timer goes off.

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