AW 46L 2in1 Electric Dual Cabinet Hot Towel Warmer

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  • CE-approved towel warmer
  • 46L extra large capacity for placing 100-110pcs towels!
  • Dual cabinet stainless steel inner chamber for better heat conduction, no infection
  • Microcomputer temperature control system for preventing over-heat, Average 158℉
  • Upper and lower shelves to easily & orderly store towels
  • The removable tray underneath to avoid dripping
  • Thoroughly and evenly warms both traditional and disposable towels



Wonderful for Facials SPA / Massage Salon / Barbershop / Hotel / Kitchen

  • 400-watt high-power spa towel warmer can quickly and evenly warm up to 176°F
  • Towels can be heated within half an hour
  • Ideal for use in facial, spa, beauty, salon, gym, hotel, massage, barber shop, and home settings
  • The cabinet has a capacity of 46L
  • The storage amount of towels may vary based on actual size and thickness
  • The heating function and light work simultaneously and cannot be operated separately.

Is it safe to sterilize dry towels in a towel warmer?

It is not advisable to heat dry towels as they can burn at high temperatures; instead, it is recommended to heat wet towels as per the instructions provided.


How long does it take to heat the towels?

It can fully heat the towel within 30 minutes.


Can I use UV light alone?

Unfortunately no, the heating function and light work simultaneously, they could not work separately.


Can it be used to warm a neck warmer for clients?

Yes, but please note that after heating the towel, try the temperature with your hands before using it to avoid burns



Additional information

Weight23.15 kg
Dimensions11.02 × 25.28 cm
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 17.72 x 11.02 x 25.28 inches; 23.15 Pounds


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6 reviews for AW 46L 2in1 Electric Dual Cabinet Hot Towel Warmer

  1. María Elena

    Muy bueno para trabajarThe media could not be loaded.

     Me gusta mucho y lo recomiendo ya que puedo usar solo una parte del calentador y puedo poderlo donde sea, lo que no me gusta es que tira mucha agua y aunq tiene la bandeja para detener el agua siempre se sale alrededor.

  2. Cuinn

    Cheap productI loved that this hot towel cabby holds so many towel and that it had a double shelf in the top and bottom. However the doors on the cabinet cracked soon after I bought it. I know it’s nothing I did because I always open the doors very gently. This product lasted me about 1.5 yrs. Again the doors cracked soon after I bought it but it still worked so I kept it. Then pieces of the door started to break off until today when I went to throw it out the doors literally fell off! It also seemed to take at least 45 mins to warm up the towels which I think is too long. Save your money for a higher quality cabinet. It will be worth it in the long run. I gave this two stars because it at least worked for 1.5 yrs.

  3. Melissa

    Nothing better then a warm sterile bathtowel after a shower/bath.Exactly as described and pictured i absolutely love everything about it. I ise it for personal use. You can fit a good amount of hand towels exspecially if you fold them too fit. Ive been able too fit a full size bath towel with some niffty folding skills. Lol i also love the look of it. So many ppl think its a minni fridge. It heats up fast and ???? be careful when removing the metal trays you will or can be burned.

  4. SHbell

    Piece looseThe warmer is good but I had a screw missing from the bottom to help the warmer stand up. My husband had to find a screw that fit.

  5. wonderland

    great starter, not an investment pieceas a massage therapist just starting to build my space, i wanted a good sized hot cabby that i could use for towels, stones, heat packs, etc… at a reasonable price. this piece of equipment is not as amazing as i hoped although for the price i really cannot complain. from my extensive comparison shopping this is about 1.5-2 times larger and about 1/2 as expensive as others on the market.the cabby is very shallow (can be good–no reaching to grab something from the back and burning hands/arms on the hot metal. can be bad–doesn’t fit much on each shelf ex: 8-12 stones depending on size OR approx 4 facial towels OR approx 1 aromatherapy neck wrap per shelf). takes about 1 hr to heat up fully and stays hot, but doesn’t heat up cold stones/wraps/towels quickly AT ALL!!still i would recommend this to anyone needing starter equipment, or in a space that is only a side/part-time investment. cuz, i actually love it, but i know down the line, as business grows, i will have to invest in a higher quality item.

  6. Pedro

    Great product for the price:)Excellent so far I had it for 1month and it works great. Use to warm up my towels for massage therapy. It keeps them warm the whole time. It looks great and it work good as well. It does hold up a lot of towels since this one is a double door one. Towels size (12 x 18 )”about.

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