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High Temperature Cleaning Box

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  • The Smart Timer and High-Temperature features allow for easy and convenient time setting and temperature adjustment between 0°C and 220°C, with automatic power shut off when the maximum temperature is reached.
  • The dry heat cabinet has a Quick Start heating element for fast operation without pressure, steam, or chemicals, and does not require routine cleaning.
  • The spacious box can also be used as a toolbox for storing items such as hairdressing scissors or pedicure files, nail clippers.
  • The dry heat cabinet can clean nail tools, tweezers, nail clippers, barber tools, and other metal items, with different items adjustable to different temperatures for optimal results.
  • The dry heat cabinet is the perfect assistant for a beauty salon, nail salon, pedicure, barber store, dental clinic, or home use, with a large capacity to clean more things at once, saving time and power.
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Heat Inner Liner

The inner thermal reservoir liner in a towel warmer allows for the sterilization of beauty tools, tableware, and hot towels to promote health and hygiene.

Safe to Use

It is important to note that the use of UV-emitting tanning devices, including sunlamps and tanning beds, is classified as carcinogenic to humans and carries various contraindications and warnings.

Multi-Functional Cleaning Machine

Ultraviolet lamps are widely used in laboratories, medical facilities, and food processes to sterilize workspaces and tools.

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How to Operate a Nail Tools Cleaner Machine: Step-by-Step Guide.

  1. Connect the power plug to the power supply.
  2. Place the items that need to be cleaned into the tray.
  3. Put the tray into the cabinet.
  4. Adjust the time and temperature according to your requirement.
  5. Check if there are two lights on, indicating that the device has started to work.
  6. Wait until you hear a jingle, which means the mini towel warmer has completed the cycle.
  7. The device will automatically turn off after the cycle is complete.

The autoclave machine has a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, allowing for the sterilization of metal personal items and professional hair tools. It is commonly used in settings such as laboratories, catering services, beauty salons, and barbershops.

Package Included:

  • 1* Cabinet
  • 1* Power Cord
  • 1* English Manual
  • 2* Extra Fuse
  • 2* Anti-scalding Ring
  • Input voltage:10V
  • Power:300W
  • Voltage:110V,Frequency:50/60Hz


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Perfect for Barber Shop

Perfect for Beauty Salon Use

Perfect for Home Kitchen Use

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Safety Warning:

  1. The machine is working and should not be touched to avoid burns.
  2. The cabinet is designed for high temperatures and tools with water should not be used.
  3. After the machine stops working, it is recommended to wait for 20 minutes before removing tools to avoid burns.
  4. Plastic tools should not be used with the machine, only metal tools are allowed.

Additional information

Weight7.3 kg
Dimensions7.09 × 4.72 cm
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 12.2 x 7.09 x 4.72 inches; 7.3 Pounds

10 reviews for High Temperature Cleaning Box

  1. Antonio

    Muy buen producto

  2. kevin vu

    UV sterilizerI like this UV light, but want to buy the light bulb to replace it and it’s NOT available. Sad!

  3. Candy sanchez

    ExcelenteMe agrado, debido que esta es una herramienta útil para en negocio

  4. JOSE A.

    Se queda pegado el temporizadorLo malo es que se queda pegado el temporizador

  5. Kng

    Works greatThis machine is perfect for my small space and works great!

  6. Esmeralda

    De ve bienThe media could not be loaded.

     Se ve bien hasta ahora aún la estoy probando

  7. Nathalia

    Buen tamañoThe media could not be loaded.

     Me gusto tamaño adecuado, funciana bien, fue muy bien empacado

  8. Brandi

    OkThis is OK, I use it for massage therapy and only use the top rack. Certain areas get hotter than others so I always have to rotate my stones. Not a lot of room for a bunch of stones but it does the trick. You have to get used to the temperature settings though so I would practice before using it. The stones get extremely hot if you don’t take them out ahead of time

  9. Linda Hernández

    Excelente producto, muy bueno lo recomiendo al máximo . ¡Volvería a comprar!✨Excelente producto, muy bueno lo recomiendo al máximo . ¡Volvería a comprar!✨

  10. Annie o.

    Been waiting to try it but am so disappointed.The media could not be loaded.

     Why bother to send a broken one

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