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PhoneSoap Pro UV Smart Phone Sanitizer & Universal Cell Phone Charger Box

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  • Combination of chamber design, selective materials, and bulb placement makes our phone sanitizer and charger box one of the best phone accessories
  • Ultra-quick and Easy Hygiene
  • Simply plug the PhoneSoap Pro into power with the provided cord, place your phone or other item inside, close lid to begin disinfection, and then remove your newly disinfected item after 5 minutes
  • Disinfect your phone every night or whenever you wash your hands
  • Notice a red light? Expose the bulbs to natural light or a flashlight for up to 10 minutes
  • Disinfects Larger Phones and More
  • Bigger and faster than our original model, PhoneSoap Pro fits even larger phone models like the iPhone 8+ or Galaxy S10 +







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Scientifically Proven

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18x Germier Than a Toilet

Our phones are 18 times more germ-infested than a public toilet due to our tendency to bring them into places like restrooms and neglect to clean them. While we may wash our hands, we often forget to sanitize our phones, leaving them covered in harmful pathogens.

A Petri Dish in Your Pocket

Our phones are exposed to germs from everyday items such as grocery carts, gas station handles, and public restrooms, which we then transfer onto them. Additionally, warm places like pockets and purses provide a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive on our phones.

Clinically Proven Results

PhoneSoap’s UV-C light is a safe and effective way to eliminate 99.99% of germs from your phone and other small items. This powerful light can access even the tiniest crevices where traditional cleaning methods like wipes can’t reach.

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Third-party laboratory testing, the PhoneSoap Pro has been found to be 99.9% effective against SARS-CoV2, as confirmed through a plaque assay. Additionally, the PhoneSoap Pro has been tested and found to be 99.99% effective against salmonella on iPhones and Otter cases containing iPhones. Lastly, the PhoneSoap Pro has also been tested and found to be 99.99% effective against human coronavirus, specifically strain 229E, ATCC VR-740. These results indicate that the PhoneSoap Pro is a highly effective tool for sanitizing and eliminating germs from your phone and other small items.


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The PhoneSoap Pro is equipped with double the bulbs which allow for a faster disinfection process. It can sanitize your phone in just five minutes, which is half the time of most PhoneSoap models.


The PhoneSoap Pro’s large disinfection bay is designed to comfortably fit any size phone, along with thick or thin accessories. Additionally, the vacuum-plated aluminum inner shell enhances reflectivity, ensuring 360-degree sanitation.

Automatic vs. Manual

You can choose how to disinfect with the Babily Sanitizer Box by selecting either the automatic or manual mode. The automatic mode triggers disinfection when the lid shuts, while the manual mode requires you to press a button to start the process.

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Weight1.98 kg
Dimensions9.1 × 5.5 × 14.2 cm
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9.1 x 5.5 x 14.2 inches

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1.98 pounds

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Special Features

Disinfects and Charges All Phones



9 reviews for PhoneSoap Pro UV Smart Phone Sanitizer & Universal Cell Phone Charger Box

  1. C H.

    i want to love the actual product as much as I love the idea of itSorry this is going to be wordy but I have a lot of information to include.First here is a timeline of events, then I will include more details. And I will update this review when I receive new replacement.Ordered on 3/8/2020…Delivered on 3/18/2020…Used a few times and then Broke later that night (will explain more below)…Sent back next day for repair, then received replacement on 4/4/2020. Contacted customer service right away about potential defect (will explain more below). Waiting for return label so I can mail this back and hope that the third time is a charm!So first I want to say that as someone who has been washing their phone with rubbing alcohol for years, despite knowing that is not the best for your phone, I have always wanted a product like this. So I was very excited when I came across this product. At the time when I ordered there were 2 models available: The PhoneSoap3 ($79.95) and the PhoneSoap Pro ($119.95) The difference between then besides the price was that the Pro was a little bigger and sanitizes in 5 minutes vs 10 minutes. I was originally going with the cheaper one but am SO GLAD I went with the Pro.NOTE ABOUT SIZE OF THE MODELS: I have an original Google Pixel phone, so it’s not even that big. It does have an otterbox and a popsocket on it which of course adds to the size. I can fit my phone with the case and the popsocket pushed in (not extended) into the Pro. But there is not a lot of room to spare. Since my phone is so old I know it will need a replacement one of these days that will most likely be a larger size, so fortunately I went with the Pro so it might fit. I would be concerned with a future phone potentially not fitting in the smaller model (PS3).Obviously I could take the case off to save room if needed, but it’s nice that right now it does fit with the case on. In my Pro I could NOT fit my Fitbit Charge2, a wallet, some bluetooth headphones. I was only able to fit a phone or some earbuds. Obviously you could fit some loose change or loose bills, anything small and the right shape.NOTE ABOUT STRUCTURE OF THE UNIT:I do not know if it was a design flaw, a way to manufacture and ship the units out faster, a way to cut costs for both manufacturer or consumer, or if it was simply a way to try to gain a little extra space inside the unit. But the unit is very fragile. When you open it up, on the bottom the bulbs are covered so there is a flat surface to lay your phone on. BUT on top lid there are two exposed bulbs. Which makes them very fragile. As I said, I don’t know if this was left open as a way to try to ‘gain’ some space. If there was a covering you would lose a few centimeters of space that perhaps was left open so you could fit something CAREFULLY between the bulbs that need a little more height. Or perhaps it was left open as a flaw/cost saving measure. Either way, it means you have to be exceptionally careful when placing something inside the unit or you can very easily crack a bulb. While I understand not trying to force something to fit in or force close the lid, i do wish that top side was more durable so you didn’t have to walk on eggshells when placing something in there, out of fear it might crack a bulb.When my Pro arrived I was very excited to use it. Even my husband who doesn’t generally sanitize his phone said he would absolutely start using it. We used it a few times without any issues. The lightning bolt was white for 5 minutes and then turned off. It seemed to be working properly (I didn’t actually test with a petri dish or anything so I can only assume it’s actually sanitizing.)Later that night I noticed that the lightning bolt would start out white and then turn to red. I searched the manual, Google, etc. and could not find anything about what red meant but I assumed it was bad.I called customer service the next day (given the pandemic they’re exceptionally busy.) The wait-time was well over an hour and the girl who answered was nice but admitted they had been getting calls all day about broken units.She explained to me that the red light was like a ‘check engine’ light. Which meant we needed to look the unit over and if we didnt find anything wrong with it, it might be fine. Upon further thorough inspection we noticed that one of the bulbs on the top (as I said above they’re exposed) had a crack in it.So she said I would need to mail it back to have the bulb replaced. And possibly the whole unit would be replaced. She said they were out of stock so if I had it replaced it might need to be a refurb, but if that happened I could request a discount.My replacement unit arrived, it’s a different color so I know it’s not my original one and that’s ok but I have no idea if it’s brand new or a refurb. But the first thing I noticed is that the white light stays on for 10 minutes instead of only 5. I was glad to have a working unit again so I honestly don’t mind the extra wait time but I contacted customer service to find out if this indicates a defect or if it’s working as intended. I was informed that does mean it is defective and I can send it back for yet another replacement.So now as of 4/3/20 I am waiting to receive my packing slip email so I can mail this back. I will update this when I hopefully receive my 3rd unit.As of today I am giving it 4 stars. Perhaps I am am giving too many. Given all the cons I have mentioned. BUT I am also rating on how nice customer service has been. And how much I want to believe in the product and like it.. I am hoping my next replacement will work beautifully, and be the last replacement I need. I am being cautiously optimisticDepending on how the rest of this experience goes, I would absolutely consider purchasing the $199 HomeSoap model that fits larger items like tablets and Switches, etc. .

  2. Amazon Customer

    Cleans wellEasy to use, and I like knowing my phone, including the case is clean.

  3. Lynn

    ReturnedThis product was as described, but I returned it because I changed my mind. It has been a month and I still don’t have a refund.

  4. Eric

    Not sure this is worth it. Broke in less than 8 months.We would use this occasionally only, but it has been several months now that I get a red light on top of the unit instead of the white one after several seconds when I close the lid. The website says this could be bad bulbs, bad plugs, overheating, or a dormant bulb – an issue with “the photons needing to recharge the gas after going dormant”.Troubleshooting steps aren’t working for me, waiting to hear from customer service on the phone soap website.

  5. G

    iPhone XS Max w/OtterBox Defender Does NOT fitPros- Everything I put in there comes out with a slight burnt smell which should indicate it’s working. That said, do we really know it working? I’ll go with yes.- Great for Keys, Cards and I suppose licenses, though it seems the hologram on my license is disappearing… hopefully I don’t get flagged for a fake by the TSA when flying again. I suspect it’s more likely from chemical cleaning but haven’t noticed until now.- Smart invention, the idea is clinically tested in various sizes and forms by numerous manufacturers and been around a long time.Cons- My iPhone XS Max fits but NOT with the OtterBox Defender case attached.- Slightly larger objects don’t fit, like my vape ( ~1.15″ high lying flat). I have to finagle the rental car keys to fit (I’m a first responder for disasters and in a rental car year-round).- Apple Watch doesn’t fit without folding the band. This isn’t too bad, just fold the band the other way and re-run. Sucks if you’re in a hurry though.- No protective glass for the top bulbs. This seems like a cost cutting solution. And the top bulbs being exposed means you need to be extra careful not to force the top closed if something doesn’t fit, or risk breakage.I suppose I could’ve measured everything I’d tentatively place inside to mm level first before purchasing, but who does that? It should be deeper and slightly longer to accommodate small high-use items. But it’s sold as a ‘PhoneSoap’, so limit your expectations to phones and smaller phone cases and such. I purchased 3 additional as gifts, and they seem fine with it but I travel constantly and probably expect more. I also bought the larger HomeSoap for Mom for Christmas but she said it’s too big, and I can’t travel with it so it’s going back.Too bad there’s not a slightly deeper and elongated ‘in between’ model available for smaller items I always carry.Bottom line, the price point is high given the capacity/limited use and other knock-offs available. At least I can be sure that half of my phone and case are sanitized. The other half gets rubbing alcohol. And the elephant in the room really wants to know the efficacy against Covid…

  6. Carlos Fogel

    It works so well I upgraded to HomesoapAs soon as I received the product and successfully tested it with petri dishes I realized I wanted to put so many more objects in it I upgraded to Homesoap. I wanted to put my wallet but it didn’t fit open, my glasses, earphones, game controllers, etc. I sold my Phonesoap Pro to a friend who couldn’t buy hers here due to them being sold out.The Phonesoap Pro is mostly made of plastic which is very light with a nice polished finish (mint color), the lid hinges jiggle a tiny bit but they move smoothly and close perfectly with a snap due to magnets. The uv light only turns on when the lid is closed but there is a little bit of light leakage so I wouldn’t sit next to it while in use (see photos and keep in mind this is dangerous since UV-C light causes skin cancer). The hole for the charging cable has a soft plastic that blocks the harmful uv light to leak when there is no cable being used. The product is entirely plastic except for the translucent glass surface you rest your phone on.The quality of Homesoap is a little nicer, perhaps because they didn’t use that mirror like reflective plastic used inside Phonesoap Pro which reminds me of a cheap Chinese plastic product. The result is that it looks more refined and the emitting color of the UV light has a deeper darker navy blue tone to it. Homesoap has no light leakage, the only way to see the light is to open the door a few millimeters. Homesoap is also made entirely of plastic except for the translucent glass surface on the bottom.Both products leave a temporary smell on the objects you place inside but it goes away after a few minutes. I believe this is the smell of ozone due to the oxygen particles that are broken apart by the high-energy UV-C light.

  7. P. Young

    Useful product for sanitizing phones–hard to open if you have a small handI upgraded from the standard model to the Pro model. The main advantage of the Pro model is that you don’t need to leave it on for 10 minutes after sanitizing your phone–unless you want to unplug it, but that is a bit of a pain. The Pro model has a feature whereby you can press on the flash icon on the top of the unit for three seconds to turn the unit on or off.The continuing criticism I have is for someone with a small hand (like my wife), it is very hard to open the top. You’d think someone could have designed some sort of button to push that would pop the top open. Maybe for the Phonesoap 4?If you do have a problem, customer service is outstanding. My old (standard) unit was only turning on intermittently due to a loose connection where the power cord is inserted into the unit–at least, that’s my suspicion. (This probably happened because when I first got it, I would unplug it there, so as not to leave it on for 10 minutes with no phone in it.) Anyways, I called customer service, and with no hassle, they sent me a return label so I could return my old unit for repair or replacement.

  8. Like.No.Other

    Excellent product and even better post sale customer service!!I was skeptical at first about this product. How can a UV light get rid of common everyday bacteria from your phone (or any other small objects like keys, credit card..etc)? After doing an in depth research of all available resources online, I became a believer and ordered 2 of the PhoneSoap Pro model. When the package arrived, one of the 2 was defective. The lightening icon on the top cover would turn RED after the cleaning cycle is complete. I called customer service and was asked to return it for a replacement unit. The replacement model arrived within a few days and did not have any issues. I then went online to chat with PhoneSoap customer service about the defect and was told the RED light on a new unit may be a cracked light bulb that occurred during shipment. The RED light may also occur if the unit is over used to let the user know it is overheating and needs to cool down. I was also informed that the PhoneSoap unit comes with a LIFETIME warranty on the bulb and a 1 year warranty on normal wear and tear of the product. Their website also offers an 1 year extended warranty for $4.99 which includes shipping both ways and normal wear & tear of the product. I bought the extended warranty just to have a peace of mind for 2 years. So far my wife and I have been using the product for a little over 2 weeks now and we absolutely love it.

  9. Jessica Rugg

    Good giftGave to my mom as a gift and she seemed interested. She’s always sanitizing phones with alcohol wipes that I don’t think are good for the screens so hopefully this will be a good substitute for that.

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