Cahot UV Light Sanitizer Box

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  • Equipped with Dual-UV lights for proven effective disinfection within 30 minutes, suitable for cell phones and personal belongings. EPA establishment number: EPA Est. No. 96933-CHN-1.
  • Perfect size for all gadgets – fits any cell phone up to 6.2 inches and other small items like glasses, jewelry, watches, keys, earpods in the 7 x 3.8 x 1-inch inner dimension. Please measure before purchase.
  • Aromatherapy’s function leaves gadgets with a relaxing smell, turning any space into a soothing haven of relaxation. Under disinfection, it would smell like sunlight burning. Dissipation time is required.
  • The Wireless Charging function supports iOS/Android QI-enabled devices (supports iPhone 8 or higher model, Samsung S7 or higher model and other Qi enabled phones). Place your phone on top of the box and enjoy.
  • Auto-off Protection – UV lamps turn off automatically once the magnetic switch cover is opened, ensuring protection from exposure to ultraviolet light. Keep the certified product on your tabletop, away from children.
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Weight1.59 kg
Dimensions4.7 × 2.4 cm
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‎ 8.3 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches; 1.59 Pounds

8 reviews for Cahot UV Light Sanitizer Box

  1. Trish&John

    UV Sanitizer w/Wi-Fi ChargerCahot portable UV Sanitizer, has 2 internal UV light sterilizations built in at the left and right at the housing. It has two modes which for UV sanitizing and works as designed. Its programmed with a 18 min and 30 min sterilization mode, with color LED to differentiate the modes. When UV light in operation, and user opens while in use, it has contact switch that will switch the UV lights off for human safety.On the flip lid, it has a built in Wifi charging plate that will charger a wireless device with up to 10 watts of power. I compared this this to other wireless chargers and this appears to 75% faster than others. So it charges at a fast rate in varied outputs 5W up to 10W. It comes with a USB-C Charging Cable.Ways to improve, add a UV light to LID for overhead UV contact and UV light on the inside BOTTOM for bottom UV light contact to get a full 360 degree UV contact.The product is made of ABS+ Poly Carbonate which gives it a light feel and recommended for home use and not on the go, unless transported in a case.Product is made in China, but will get the job done.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Fairly large, works great!I really like this uv sterilizing box.Size- it’s large enough to fit my phone. I do wish it was just a smidge taller. I have a pop socket on my case that I would like to stick in there, but with the popsocket fully extended to get full exposure to the uv light it keeps the box open just 2 cm.Charging- it does function as a charger which is great! I like to put my phone in while I shower and it charges fairly quick.I know uv light sterilizes and is very effective. Though I wish cahot would do a study on wiping a phone and growing out a petri dish on how effective their product is. And it would be really awesome to see a comparison of the 18 min vs 30 min settings.

  3. Brendan

    Hard to tell effectivenessUV boxes are popular these days with the pandemic. I bought this Cahot to sanitize my phone and other small objects and for those purposes they work fine. The box is made from a light plastic material and the sound that lets you know your product has finished a cycle might remind you of a battery-powered toy running out of power. If you’re also thinking about using this box to sanitize face masks, it’s hard to tell how effective this box is. Unless you’re someone with a lab there just no way of verifying a mask would be sanitized for re-use. The mask I used did not fit completely into this box, prompting the question, how does this box sanitize all surfaces of an object.

  4. Hillary Corley

    Don’t regret the decision to purchase.I got this because of the pandemic. It came quick and in perfect condition. I used it to sanitize my TV remotes and I think it worked. I mainly use it to charge my phone. My only complaint is when I sanitize anything there’s always a strong smell of almost a “melted plastic” to whatever item was in it. Is this why there’s a thing for essential oils? To hide the smell?

  5. Faiza A.

    Very happy with this little sanitizerWith all the chaos this sanitizer was a no brainer! I loved how small and compact it was, but still big enough to hold by iPhone 8. Best of all, its super easy to work with for folks who are not as tech savvy, like myself, ha! It has 2 modes, and it came with so many cutesy stickers, i was in love! I use this thing to also sanitize other things too like my pens, and small wallet, works great!! Def recommend!

  6. Luane

    Update-functions as indicatedI initially wrote a poor review and was contacted by the seller and was given a replacement. Five stars for taking the initiative because I wasn’t interested in dealing with a return. Also, my second device has working light indicators and fast charging worked as described as well. I’m still not sure about the cleaning function because it’s something not visible to the human eye but I believe it likely to perform the functions described in their ad. It’s large enough for my phone in addition to keys, pens etc to thrown in.

  7. SuZee

    Very SatisfiedPhones, keys, cash, coins, masks, credit cards……I have put it all in…separately of course. The light is not going to penetrate through to piled up items. I liked it so much I sent one to each of my adult children. Seems to be well made. Don’t really need any Aroma diffuser, not sure what that is all about. But they do include long skinny eyedroppers to put essential oils into it if that is your choice. All in all, very pleased.

  8. Yuanyuan

    Interesting ProductI’m using this UV Cell Phone Sterilizer for some days. I think it is such an interesting product and with great concept, because of its functionality. We all heard the statistics of how nowadays our phones have more germs and are dirtier than a toilet seat because we take it everywhere but rarely clean it. That’s why I got this sanitizer, it comes with large capacity that can not only sterilize phones but also watch or daily accessories. Also with additional aromatherapy function. Very pleased with it.

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